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Martha Mavroidi Quartet at Jazz Chronicles

May 7th 2023, at Stavros Niarhos Foundation Cultural Center. (more…)

Duet with Daniel Karlsson in Stockholm

April 26th 2023 at Stallet Världens Musik (more…)

Hello to Emptiness in Leipzig

17th and 18th December 2022 (more…)

Sunday at Pinoklis

Sunday 11th December 21.30 with Stratis Psaradellis, Nikos Paraoulakis and Giorgos Ventouris (more…)

Christmas concert with Rodia

Sunday 11th December at 17.30 at Agios Georgios Neo Psychiko (more…)

Hello to Emptiness in Korea

Mouvoir dance company travels to South Korea with the production “Hello to Emptiness” (more…)

Martha Mavroidi Quartet at Oiti Festival 29.6.22

A double bill with Thanos Stavridis and Peter Ralchev (more…)

“Katalogi” at the Museum of Greek Folk Musical Instruments 20.4.2022

A new piece by Martha based on the Lament of Virgin Mary (more…)

“Hello to Emptiness” at the Greek National Opera

A performative concert by Stephanie Thiersch and Mouvoir Dance Company. 16th and 17th April 2022 (more…)

“Murderess” by Giorgos Koumendakis

An opera based on Papadiamantis’ work ‘Fonissa” staged at the Greek National Opera (more…)

“Blood Wedding” by F.G. Lorca at the Greek National Theatre

Original music composed by Martha for the theatrical play “Blood Wedding” directed by Maria Magkanari. (more…)

“Domna’s Song” on tour

27th of July in Naxos and 29th of July in Paros (more…)

“Domna’s Song” on tour in Naxos and Paros

27th of July in Naxos and 29th of July in Paros (more…)

Martha Mavroidi - Μάρθα Μαυροειδή