listen to: pink river


website: y vergo




on martha

“a rising Greek star” fRoots

“a first rank folk musician” The Scotsman

“extraordinary voice”

“a wonderful, sweet voice” Jazz&Tzaz

“impressive lafta technique, great singing” Songlines


on the garden of rila

“a triumph of sympathetic arrangement, gentle instrumentation and quiet confidence” fRoots

“one of the best albums of the last decade” fRoots

“album of the year” The Sound of the World

“sheer beguilingness”  The Scotsman

“a standout gem”  Sing Out!

“an album worthy to be listened to forever” Jazz&Tzaz


on portaki

“an inspired and visioned work” Freegan Kolektiva

“an ensemble work of pure pleasure” fRoots

Portaki continually draws me to the idea of new promise. The promise of blending music genres into a new sound that is both new and old. The promise of new instruments, new compositions, and new beginnings.” Roots World