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“Synaxari” a new commission by the Greek National Opera

“Synaxari” a new commission by the Greek National Opera

“Synaxari: Theofilos, Halepas, Papadiamantis”

Synaxari consists of three “hagiographies” of artists who remained in the collective memory not only for their work but also for the way they lived their lives. These are Theofilos Hatzimichael, the most famous popular painter originally from Lesbos, the great sculptor Yannoulis Halepas from Tinos and the “saint of Greek letters” Alexander Papadiamantis from Skiathos.

Three musical and poetic portraits in texts by Pantelis Boukalas interact with traditional verses from the places of origin of the three artists. The conception and the music composition is by Martha Mavroidi.

Concept, music: Martha Mavroidi
Lyrics: Pantelis Boukalas



Argyris Bakirtzis narration
Martha Frintzila voice
Tasos Poulios qanun, voice
Vangelis Karipis, Manousos Klapakis percussion

Smari Music Ensemble
Harris Lambrakis ney
Nikos Paraoulakis ney
Stratis Psaradellis lyra
Martha Mavroidi lute, voice
Yorgos Tamiolakis cello
Yorgos Ventouris double bass


Sunday 28th April at the Museum of Acropolis
Second Sacred Music Festival by the Greek National Opera

Martha Mavroidi - Μάρθα Μαυροειδή