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Yasemi Quartet feat. Savina Yannatou 20.3.2020

Yasemi Quartet feat. Savina Yannatou 20.3.2020

Friday 20th March 21.00 at St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Athens

Martha Mavroidi and Quartet Yasemi invite the extraordinary singer Savina Yannatou at the historical venue of St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Athens, in a concert with folk songs from various parts of the world and lyric melodies of Manos Hatdjidakis and Lena Platonos arranged for vocal ensemble. The renowned ECM artist Savina Yannatou meets with singer and composer Martha Mavroidi and the vocal group Yasemi known for their a cappella arrangements of folk songs from Greece and the Balkans, in a concert that celebrates the human voice.

Friday 2oth March 2020, at 21.00
St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Filellinon 27, Syntagma


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