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Tinos World Music Festival – 6th year 25-27.05.18

Cultural Foundation of Tinos, Chora
Friday 25th, Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th May 2018


From Pontus and the Black Sea, to the Eastern Mediterranean, the Aegean and Crete, the 6th edition of Tinos World Music Festival will take us to a journey through the musical paths of the bowed instruments of Greece’s folk music traditions.

The festival will be held on the weekend of the Holy Spirit (25/26/27 May) and will celebrate the important role of the various types of lyra and the violin in life-cycle events and yearly festivities, expressing joy, exuberance but also grief and pain.

The first day (25/5) features music from Pontus and Crete, with the duet of virtuoso of pontic lyra Hristos Kaliontzidis and daouli player Mihalis Bakalis, and the trio of Giorgos Skordalos on Cretan lyra, Giorgos Manolakis on laouto and Giannis Papatzanis on percussion. The second day (26/5) is a feast of island music with one of the grand maestros of Greek folk violin, Stathis Koukoularis. Together with Martha Mavroidi on voice and lafta, Maria Ploumi and Spyros Balios on laouto, Giorgos Ventouris on doublebass and Mihalis Bakalis on percussion, they will bring the exultant spirit of island festivity as a closure to this year’s festival, playing songs and dance tunes from the Aegean islands and the coasts of Minor Asia. The last day of the festival (27/5) is dedicated to the pear-shaped politiki lyra exploring the music of Istanbul and the Eastern Mediterranean.

On Thursday 24 May, at 21:00, one day before the festival’s official opening, a pre-festival concert will be hosted at the Upper Stage of the Onassis Cultural Center, featuring music from Crete, Istanbul, the Aegean Sea and Asia Minor.

Artistic director: Martha Mavroidi
The admission to the festival is free.

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