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Summer 2018 Workshops in Labyrinth, Crete

Two workshops on modal improvisation (2-7 July) and Greek folk singing (9-14 July)

“Motif and Rhythm: improvisation in modal music” (2-7 july 2018)

The topic of this workshop will be improvisation in modal music. The emphasis will be on motifs, meaning the small melodic units which serve as the foundation of an improvisation or a composition. By dismantling and analysing improvisations and compositions of modal music, we will try to build a repertoire of phrase material, and improvise by taking information from this data base.

Each phrase is a melodic nucleus, from which a larger melodic entity can be developed. In reality it contains a double meaning, apart from melodic content each phrase equally represents a rhythmic pattern.

In this workshop it will be demonstrated how the rhythmic pattern of a phrase can serve not only as the foundation for a free Improvisation, but also how it can be readjusted in a rhythmic improvisation.


“Greek Folk Singing” (9-14 July 2018)

In this seminar we will learn traditional songs from different parts of Greece, focusing on the stylistic details of each region: ornaments, intervals, rhythm. At the same time we will focus on the ethnographic background of each song, the customs that it is related to and its place within the yearly cycle of festivities. By studying songs  from different music traditions of Greece will have the opportunity to explore their relationship with other Balkan and Mediterranean music idioms.

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