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Martha Mavroidi Quartet in NY

Martha Mavroidi Quartet in NY

Tuesday 13th December 2016 at BAMcafe in New York 

Martha Mavroidi Quartet   “Unwinding the thread”

 A journey in the past and the present of Balkan music

 This music project explores the idea of a thread that connects together the old acoustic sound of Greek and Balkan folk music with the new sound of contemporary music.

Tuesday 13th December 2016 

30 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn, NY


First Part: New sounds

New compositions with references to different regional styles of the Balkans with lyrics from Greek, Turkish and Bulgarian poets, blend with old songs “reworked” in a contemporary way. Alongside with the quartet’s acoustic instruments, Martha plays the electric lafta, a custom made electric version of the politiko laouto (lute of Constantinople), and uses a loop station to sing in the style of Balkan polyphony.

Second Part: Old sounds

In a tribute to the old acoustic sound, the quartet plays music from the islands of the Aegean, the great musical tradition of Asia Minor, and from the regions of Macedonia and Thrace. This concert features music from Greece’s Eastern and Northern borders, exploring the similarities between the traditions of the neighboring countries and attesting to the existence of a musical continuum that crosses borders.


On Wednesday 14th December 18.30-21.30, Martha will give a workshop on Greek folk singing. Venue to be announced. For information and reservations contact:

Martha Mavroidi Quartet

Martha Mavroidi: voice, lafta, electric lafta, saz

Stratis Psaradellis: politiki lyra

Giorgos Ventouris: doublebass

Vaggelis Karipis: percussion