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Martha at “Alati tis Gis”

Sunday 19.11.2017  Martha Mavroidi at “Alati tis Gis” on Greek National Television

One of the most important Tv Series on Greek Folk Music in ERT, “Alati tis Gis” hosted by ethnomusicologist Lambros Liavas, features an episode dedicated to Martha and her musical family.

Legendary violinist Stathis Koukoularis, the Greek Folk Choir “Rodia”, vocal quartet “Yasemi” and Martha’s long-time musical partners Giorgos Ventouris (doublebass), Stratis Psaradellis (politiki lyra), Mihalis Bakalis (percussion), Spiros Balios (laouto) and Maria Ploumi (laouto). With the participation of the dance team of Lykeion Ellinidon in Halandri.

View the episode here.


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